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Click the links below to read recent issues of Open Line, weekly provider communication from Commissioner Debra Payne, State Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Open Line 11/30/18
Open Line 10/25/18
Open Line 10/19/18
Open Line 10/12/18
Open Line 9/21/18
Open Line 8/31/18
Open Line Special Edition Dr. Thomas Cheetham - 8/21/18
Open Line 8/17/18
Open Line 8/10/18

Click the links below for helpful tip sheets and flyers.

Health Tips on Sepsis
Four Ways to get ahead of Sepsis

Provider Rates 7/1/18
Fraud Waste and Abuse
Health Tips Advance Directives
Health Tips Hepatitis A
Health Tips - Handwashing
Health Tips, Part 2
When to Call 9-1-1 Health Tips
1915c Employment Day Services Waiver Amendments
FY2018 Provider Rate Increase FAQs
Aspiration Informational Flyer
Autism Fact Sheet
Bowel Obstruction Informational Flyer
Dehydration Informational Flyer
DIDD Advocacy Flyer
Families Caring for Loved Ones with DD
Grilling Safety Tips
IBRS Day One Intake Referral
Medication Safety
Memo on Investigator Home Visits
Oral Hygiene Tips
Requirement for Day Services Supervisory Visits Memo

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